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Our kites - 3D     single line kites

Pfeil Ente by Peter

Revolution by Markus

Delta by Peter

Santa Claus by Markus

Merlin by Markus
Stolen kites
Genki by Pia

Genki by Peter

Plane Goliath by Peter

Ninja by Markus

Plane by Peter

Leave by Markus

Zulu by Peter

Komet by Peter

Plane by Peter

Delta by Astrid

Genki by Astrid

Crossdeck by Peter

box kite with logo by Markus

.... and as a lantern

Swiss box kites by Markus

constellation Pegasus by Laura (12 years)

Umbrella kite by Markus

By Rémy (Replica Sting)

Genki by Uwe

Leaves by Markus

y Markus

"WOLPERT Alien" by Rémy

Heart kite by Laura (5 1/2 years.) 

dices with dice box

Butterfly by Markus

Rokkaku by Astrid

Genki by Astrid

Rémy (Replica Sting)

Delta by René

Rokkaku by Astrid

Delta by Rémy

Sun by Markus and Jacqueline

Thaisnake with Appenzeller papercuts
 by Astrid

The MadDisc - 3 in 1 (Jojo, Frisbee, Trick-Toy)
Design by Astrid

Rokkaku by Remy

50 Domino stones by Markus

Patchwork-bird by Markus

Gold bird by Markus


Rokaku with Piper by Rémy and Astrid

Owl with 3-D body by Astrid

Bird from Astrid

Tako o tobu (to fly the kite)
by Astrid and Rémy

Styrofoam birds by Markus


For questions or comments please send an email to: info@drachenfreunde-zofingen.ch
: 30.12.17