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Our kites - 3D     single line kites

Skateboard by Astrid

Piranha by Peter

Corona Teddies by Peter

Light balls by Remy

Frog by Markus

Marsupilami by Markus

Footballer by Markus

Spider by Markus

White buddy by Markus

Ueli by Astrid

Steam train by Astrid
Star Trek Working Bee by Peter

Swiss Duck by Astrid

Dr. Duck by Astrid

Toaster by Astrid

rocket by Basil (10 years)

Vodoo nurse by Astrid

Vodoos by Astrid

Giraffe by Markus

Pirate by Astrid

work by Basil (6 years)

Duck by Gabi

Duck by Uwe

Pink duck by Rémy

Swiss duck by Astrid

duck by Astrid

Dong by Rémy

Dong by Gabi

Rüdiger by Astrid

Gargamel and smurfs by Astrid

Ufo by Markus

JarJar Binks by Astrid

Buick Police car by Astrid

Toilet by Astrid

Cadillac by Astrid (2.20x7.0m)

magic carpet by Markus

Masupilami by Markus

Squirrel brown by Astrid (appr. 3.30x2.0x4m)

Squirrel black by Astrid (appr. 3.30x2.0x4m)

Diddle by Markus

2.20m Jodler from Astrid

Baron Münchhausen by Markus

Catpig by Astrid

Tweety and Sylvester by Markus

Tabalooga by Markus


For questions or comments please send an email to: info@drachenfreunde-zofingen.ch
: 30.12.17