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Information kites                 

single line kites

dual line
(light-, power-, stunt kites) 

parafoils (2 lines / 4 lines)

.. with the buggy

... with the skis

... in the water

... with the mountainboard





Wind scale

Bft. (Beaufort) km / h  
1 0 - 5 light draught
2 6 - 11 breezy
3 12 - 19 light wind
4 20 - 28 moderate wind
5 29 - 38 fresh wind
6 39 - 49 strong wind
7 50 - 61 stiff wind
8 62 - 74 stormy wind
9 ....... youīd better go home

Where and how can I fly

One can fly on all meadows that are:
- not fenced in
- mown (never fly on planted land or on meadows with long grass. The owner would become very annoyed as everything gets ruined.)

Make sure your kite is being put down to start against the wind. Otherwise it wonīt move any meter towards the sky.

Security rules for kite flyers

- Make sure there are no high-voltage lines. DANGER OF DEATH
- Too many trees are dangerous as the kite can easily be caught in them.
- Once the wind gets too strong for you, stop flying before you lose controle over your kite.
- Stay away from streets. Crashing kites can easily cause traffic accidents.
- Kites can scare animals. Should there be horses coming along, please take your kite down
  until they have passed. Horses usually shy at the sight of a kite which can be very dangerous.
- Donīt use lines that are longer than 100m.


Maintenance of kites and parafoils

- Should the kite get very dirty, clean it with water and soap. NEVER USE ANY CHEMICALS! This could damage the fabric.
- When using the kite on the beach, make sure you remove all sand before you put it back into its bag.
- Donīt leave the kite in the scorching sun for too long.
- Store the kite in a suitable bag to keep it safe from breakage.
- To keep your kite elastic, spray it with water from time to time. When doing that have it stretched and leave it dry in the air.
- The good kites are all made of spinnakker nylon and carbon rods. Should something break or be damaged you can get spare parts 
   in a kite shop





For questions or comments please send an email to: info@drachenfreunde-zofingen.ch
: 30.12.17